Aug 18, 2009

Convert To Islam - Abdalhafiz Ullmannis

Abdalhafiz Ullmannis a 27-year old German residing in Potsdam, Germany. Three years ago, he embraced Islam.

It all started when Abdalhafiz's wife read an ad in the newspaper, posted by a woman from the Muslim Community in Potsdam, that there was a need for a gymnastics teacher. Being one herself, she called them right way.

She got the job, and 2 years later, she seriously felt that this community could be something for her and Abdalhafiz. At first, he was angry, not knowing what to expect. However, he took the courageous step and went with her.

At that time it was Ramadan. Together with his wife and the Muslim community, Abdalhafiz fasted Ramadan. How was the experience? How did things roll on after that?

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Thanks for coming
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