Sep 18, 2009

Islam Teaching in brief - Muslim believe that ...

Basic of Islam

There is only One God. One God means that:

He has no children.
No parents.
He is not human. Rather the Creator of human and everything else.
Nobody is like Him.
He is not 3 in 1 or 1 in 3.
Nobody shares powers with Him.
He is the One Who has made everything and Who controls everything
His name is Allah.
Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the Last Prophet (meaning Messenger) of God.
Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a human.
He was only a Messenger of God.
We DO NOT pray to Muhammad (peace be upon him). We only pray to Allah.
We believe in all prophets of God.
We believe in Jesus (peace be upon him).
We believe in Moses (peace be upon him).
We believe in Abraham (peace be upon him)
We believe in Noah (peace be upon him).
We believe in Adam (peace be upon him). Etc.
We believe in all Books of God (both small and big):
We believe that no other Holy Book is available today in original form except Quran.
We believe in Torah given to Moses (peace be upon him).
We believe in Zaboor given to David (peace be upon him).
We believe in Injeel given to Jesus (peace be upon him) etc.
Quran is the Holy Book given to Muslims by God.
Quran was revealed 1400 years ago by God.
We believe that every word in Quran is the Word of God.
Quran was preserved 1400 years ago and original copy is still available today.
Quran was revealed in Arabic & every Quran in the world today has same Arabic text. There are NO different copies.
We believe in the Day of Judgement:
We believe that there is a life after death
We believe that every dead person will be given life again and that day is called The Day Of Judgement.
We believe that every person will be held accountable for his/her deeds and actions. And that mean that Muslims as well as non-Muslims, both will be held accountable.
We believe that those who believe in God and who also do righteous deeds, they will be rewarded and they will be sent to Heaven.
We believe that those who reject God or do evil deeds, will be punished


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