Nov 26, 2009

Adhan - calling for prayer captured on 3rd day of Hajj 2009

Adhan by Sheikh Ali Mullah in the 3rd Day of Hajj
Collection of OmarChannel

Translation of Adhan ( Azan ) in English
Allahu Akbar
Allah the Almighty
(said four times)
Ashhadu alla ilaha illa Allah
I bear witness that there is no god except Allah.
(said two times)
Ashadu anna Muhammadar Rasullullah
I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.
(said two times)
Hayya 'ala-s-Salah
Let us perform the Solah (prayer)
(said two times)

Hayya 'ala-l-Falah
Let us follow the force of prosperity
(said two times)
As-salatu Khairun Minan-nawum
Prayer is better than sleeping
(said two times)
For the pre-dawn (fajr) prayer only

Allahu Akbar

Allah is Great
[said two times]
La ilaha illa Allah
There is no god but Allah

Thanks for coming

Thanks for coming
Terima kasih sudi hadir

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