Mar 20, 2010

Don't take Islam partly and left another part

Rad: Don't take Islam partly. Islam is a way of life, Ad-deen. We must go for jihad when the call came but to kill innocent peoples, kids, old man and animal are prohibited in Islam. Learn Islam as a whole, don't take only the part that just to please our own need.

If we say this is what Prophet have said we must explain the whole saying related to the subject. Prophet Muhammad had said about Jihad and he also had said the rule about war and Jihad. Do Jihad without follow the rule that Prophet had said about Jihad, is not a Jihad.

I didn't meant to insult anybody but this is just my own view about Jihad, the right is from Allah, the wrong was from me- just my two cents opinion.

Is this a jihad act ? Old man, children, muslim and non muslim and every one inside the building being killed in the bombing.

Is this a help to Iraq to bring back peace to them as said by the ex Us President. No, this is a killing field to the innocent, kids and every one in the building.

From the above photo, there are no war for peace and no jihad. Only killing. Two Photos with the same act, killing people... killing the innocents.

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Thanks for coming
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