Mar 9, 2010

How the Bible Led Me to Islam - Joshua Evans, Former Christian Youth Minister

How the Bible Led Me to Islam: The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister - Joshua Evans


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gilkesk (2 days ago)
very long video...
but alhamdulilah Allah guided him to islam, he seems very good hearted alhamdulilah, may Allah guide more sincere christians to the truth of islam

SimpleMohammed (2 days ago)
we never said that the Bible is completely corrupted, some of it is corrupted due to man's interference, but some of it is still true..u are not considered a Muslim unless you believe in the bible that was sent to Jesus...but unfortunately the Bible that we have in hand has been rewritten a thousand times by men! the original Bible is lost! Besides, Jesus was only sent to Jews not to you! not me..just for Jews, so the Bible was mainly to Jews! and please KhalifaKlothing, post one comment of mine

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