Aug 14, 2010

Say No to Smoking this Ramadan

The Stop Smoking service has reportedly collaborated with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and is busy training imams and community representatives.

The Stop Smoking service is a branch of the Airedale Community Health Services.

The main purpose behind the exercise is to help these representatives understand and know the risk of coronary heart disease linked to smoking so that they can further spread the message during Ramadan.

According to sources, people from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have a higher risk than any other communities and so it has become all the more important to support the people, who want to quit smoking and help them take up a healthy diet and life.

The session, due for Thursday, will spread the message by word of mouth, informing the people about the menace of high salt consumption and smoking.

This session, run by the BHF and Asian Quit Line, is sure to put forth a great prospect to the Muslims to take up a hale and hearty lifestyle.

“Local religious leaders and community representatives are in a unique position to raise awareness of heart disease among Muslim communities during Ramadan”, said Mohammed Idrees, a member of theStop Smoking team

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