Aug 3, 2010

Scholar Sweet Talk

Answer by Maulana Abdul Aziz of Delhi to a challenge question by missionary as speech by Arwahyarham Sheikh Ahmad Deedat

mudassirbashir111 | December 09, 2009
Sheikh Deedat giving the description about the incident happened at the time of Britishers,which he read in the book Izhaar ul haq, where they asked the Muslim Maulana Abdul Aziz to come for a dialogue about christianity & Islam.
A wonderful answer given by the maulana Abdul Aziz of Delhi

shahd80 | October 13, 2009

The name of sheikhs appear in this video
1-Al Habib Al Jafri from Yemen
2-Muhammad Said Ramadan Al Bouti from Syria ( Sham)
3-Zaglool Al Nafar from Egypt
4-Tarek Suwaidan from Kuwait
5-Muhammad Al Awadi from Kuwait

Sheikh Muhammad Al Awadi

Sheikh Khalid Yasin

Thanks for coming

Thanks for coming
Terima kasih sudi hadir

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