Aug 1, 2010

Some Collection of Short Video Clip of Speech by Sheikh Khalid Yasin

Who Is Allah  Where Is Allah

DefenderOfSunnah | June 09, 2009 2:32 min

Read Al - Quran  القرآن

muslima11 | July 15, 2007 09:50 min

Man & woman equal in front of God but they are not the same

yazdegred | August 22, 2009 2.11min

What Is Death Like & If U Love Someone So So Much & Cant Get Married

DefenderOfSunnah | June 09, 2009 4:27 min
How to control miss behaved wife according to Quran and Sunnah.

Peace488 | November 11, 2009 7:20 min
What Jesus ( Prophet Isa a.s ) said about Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

dhonvele | November 08, 2007 7.05 min
Jesus ( Prophet Isa a.s) never said 'I am God'

dhonvele | November 04, 2007 5:36 min
Bikini and G-String Are OK But Wearing Hijab or Veil is Bad?

IslamForWomen | August 30, 2007 6:02 min
Ask Muslim Woman if you want to be Fair 

ozzieISLAM | April 06, 2008 5.41 min
Group of Muslim in some West view

shez333 | July 05, 2009 10:21 min

Truth about our brothers Taliban

alwayshappyneversad | January 03, 2008 09:58 min
Covering head by Muslim Man & Woman

AshSheikh786 | January 15, 2009 04:01 min

Muslim Women More Precious than diamonds

Khalid Yasin is executive director of the Islamic Teaching Institute, an organisation dedicated to promoting Islam. Based in Sheffield, Khalid lectures widely on Islam to audiences of predominately non-Muslims and new Muslims. Most recently, Khalid has established the Islamic Information Network, the first Islamic satellite channel to broadcast in Europe, and a film production studio putting together Islamic media projects.

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