Sep 28, 2010

Justice in Islam - Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Sheikh Sharawi and Dr.Fathi Osman

Hadis narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar:
The Messenger of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) said: Behold! the Dispensers of Justice will be seated on the pulpits of light beside God, on the right side of the Merciful, Exalted and Glorious. Either side of the Being is the right side both being equally meritorious. (The Dispensers of Justice are) those who do justice in their rules, in matters relating to their families and in all that they undertake to do.
- Sahih Muslim Book 19, Number 4493

Islam justice, tolerance, peace and freedom

WorshipperOfALLAH | September 01, 2009
The second part response to "Islam's war on freedom", here a most respected muslim scholar Sheikh Hamza Yusuf appears on a widely public Arabic TV station speaking at Islamic Society of North America Conference condemning violence and intolerance.

Perfect Justice of Islam

llr0cks | May 17, 2006
Please watch all 6 Parts, if it is Truth you're seeking. To those who are already muslim, this lecture is really good, and it gives you some ideas on how to give da'wah successfully. It's so good that by the end of this lecture you'd wanna tell everyone about it.

Debunking the Male Bias Myth
by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

What is True Justice? 

lllalilll | January 21, 2009 
Details exactly what true justice is in Islam by Sheikh Sharawi . Judging fairly in both satisfaction as well as anger, and not letting personal worldly desires overcome you. This is justice in Islam.

Dr.Fathi Osman Khutbbah Sharia Justice & Benevolence

OmarFoundation | July 13, 2007
Dr. Fathi Osman explains the basic elements Sharia (Islamic law) and how it is being implemented some Muslim countries without regard to what it entails. Justice starts at home and in our dealing with others.

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Thanks for coming
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