Sep 17, 2010

Muslim who follow Quran will not burn others " holy book "

We are muslim or Islam follower will not burn other religious  follower " holy book" because the act is prohibited by Allah. No words of Allah from Quran or from hadith of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w allow us to do the such uncivilized action.

We, muslim always have to pray to God ( Allah ) for Islam, the Glory of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, Muslimin and Muslimah, Al Quran and everything related to Islam always be under Allah protection.

We muslim must increase our afford to learn, read and understand and practice every meaning of the ayat in Quran if we really love Quran.  It will be less meaning just by showing our anger to others but at the same time muslim themselves not really follow by heart what Allah had said in the Quran.

If we really understand Quran, we muslim must unite and practice the concept of brotherhood in Islam. We must always in Sabar ( Patient, صبر , sabr ) because Sabar is part of Iman (faith) as mentioned in hadis ( hadith ).

If we going to act, the act must follow the teaching of Rasullullah ( Prophet Muhammad s.a.w), don't let our feeling overcome the truth in Islam.

Man burns Quran at Ground Zero

RussiaToday | September 12, 2010

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