Nov 25, 2010

Straight Path - So, Who is Right ? by Sheikh Hasan Ali

On the later day after the death of our beloved 
Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his companions r.a
emerge so many groups and sects with many followers. 
Many of them claim that they are in the right path. 
They seem walking on the straight path.

Actually which one is the right one ? 
What are the factors to determine the right group or sects ?

Let listen to the answers

by Sheikh Hasan Ali 
on his speech
So, Who is Right ? 



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Biography of Sheikh Hasan Ali
Sheikh Hasan was born and brought up in the West Midlands of England and his early years were spent in secular education in state schools. At the age of fourteen he embarked upon studying Islamic sciences at traditional boarding schools in the UK. First he memorised the Qur'an during GCSE studies and then began to learn the Arabic language together with many other sciences (known as the Dars Nizami).

In 1997, after nine years of studying in boarding schools and graduating with an Aalimiyyah (MA Islamic Studies) he became the Imam of London Islamic Cultural Society in North London ( Here, he served the community for several years by holding several classes in addition to the duties of an Imam. These classes consisted of Tafseer, Hadith, Arabic, Tajweed etc and were taught to all age groups.

During his post as Imam at LICS, Sheikh Hasan Ali also set up Safar Academy (, a weekend Islamic School. To this date he is still actively involved in teaching and running the school. The school currently has 17 members of staff and 250 students (between the age of 6-16) who are taught Tajweed, Fiqh, Islamic General Knowledge, Aqeedah and Quranic Arabic. The Sheikh is currently authoring a syllabus for such Islamic schools (makatib).

Between 2000 and 2003 he was the Imam, Head of Islamic Studies and Head of Arabic Studies and a member of the school's Senior Management Team at Yusuf Islam's Brondesbury College for Boys in Kilburn, North London. The Sheikh, here, devised an entire Islamic Syllabus for this secondary school and also contributed largely to the gapping of the physical and spiritual life of both staff and students.

In March 2003, together with other educationalists, he set up the Ebrahim Community College in East London where he is serving as the Director of Human Resources and also teaches A Level Religious Studies, Philosophy of Religion, Usul al-Fiqh, Translation of the Quran in English and Seerah.

In 2006 he completed a MA in Education (Psychology) at the Institute of Education, University of London. Furthermore, he is the Senior Religious Advisor for Media4insight and we would like to take the opportunity here to thank the Sheikh for his invaluable time and his intuitive vision.

His upbringing in the UK combined with his knowledge of Islamic and Western Sciences makes him a unique and inspiring lecturer. Consequently, in his talks to Muslims and interfaith work with non-Muslims he focuses on real issues concerning Muslims and non-Muslims alike and desires a positive change in the lives of people. He wants Muslims to advance in all aspects of their lives and be models as individuals in society, in their homes and at their workplace representing a true and pure image of Islam.

He has lectured on a wide range of inspiring and relevant topics throughout mosques, universities, colleges and in the media both in the UK and abroad including Belgium, Holland, Trinidad & Tobago, United Arab Emirates among other countries.


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Thanks for coming
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