Dec 21, 2010

The Correct Way of Practicing The Religion by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Jibaly

Muhammad al-Jibaly Lecture Tour in Australia.
"The Correct Way of Practicing The Religion"
Recorded at Melbourne University.

A brief introduction for Shaykh Muhammad Al-Jibaly :

- Acquired a sound knowledge of al-Albānīs fiqh and methodology through personal contact with the Shaykh and an extensive study, indexing, and teaching of his works
- Studied and maintained strong friendship with most of the late Nāsir ud-Dīn al-Albānīs prominent students from Syria, Jordan, and other countries (1983 to current)
- Authored many original books and articles in various areas of fiqh, `aqīdah, manhaj, da`wah, etc.
- Lectured at many conferences and seminars, in North America and around the world.
- Taught a large number of modern and classic treatises.
- Chaired al-Qurān was-Sunnah Society of North America (1991-1997)
- Headed Dar ul-Arqam elementary school in Arlington, Texas (1997-1999)
- Widely known in the West for his strong support of the Sunnah and the guidance of the Salaf
- Personally known by many of the `ulamā of Sunnah in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and other countries.

He has also authored many books such as, The Quest for Love & Mercy, Life in al-Barzakh, The Dreamer's Handbook, Knowing Allah, and many more.

Thanks for coming

Thanks for coming
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