Dec 2, 2010

Facebook Halal or Haram ? by Sheikh Yusuf Estes


concerns over Halal and Haram in social networking,
discussed with Yusuf Estes while on iEra Dawah tour in UK.
Facebook, Myspace - social networking is sweeping the web. 
Muslims ask, "Is it Halal or Haram?"
We need to know these answers in simple terms 
for everyone to understand.

Based on the briefing above, the social networking still able to derive us to sin and misconduct or bad act.
It can be caused by the features of the social networking itself and human own desire or nafsu.

Anyway, if we can handle it with care and bind our self with Islamic rule while on air, the result will good and can be benefited  to our daily work and our relationship to others especially friends and family.

It is good if we aware and take precaution of our own nafsu ( desire) so that we will always be on the safe side and ended in good result on everything we use.

Dangers of the Nafs
(Desires of the Self) 

Let's go more deeper about human desire
from the speech by  
Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir Qadri
Internal conflict between Nafs ( self ) and Ruh ( Soul ) 

Thanks for coming

Thanks for coming
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