Dec 31, 2010

Islam is Submission to Allah

Total Submission to Allah
by Ustaz Hussain Yee, a Malaysian Chinese scholar of Islam

Meaning of the word 
by Sheikh Abdur Raheem Green

What is true Freedom? Are we enslaved? What is Islam? 
All this and more with Abdur-Raheem Green!

Introduction [start time 01:04]
Freedom? [start time 03:45]
Impact of the media in our lives
Who to submit to? [start time 09:20]
What is Islam? [start time 13:10]
What is right/wrong? [start time 18:00]
Conclusion [start time 22:20]

Change Yourself, Not Islam
Islam is the religion of Submission. We submit to Allah even if it is against our own desires. This means also we submit to Allah that Allah commands and not changing anything in Islam to conform with our desires.
We change ourselves, not Islam
Reminder from Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki 

Change yourself right now
Reform yourself, change yourself have time
hurry up before the time run your lives according to 

The solution for every problem
by Sheikh Kamal El Mekki

Akhlak - Good Manners
by Sheikh Kamal el-Mekki
Sheikh Kamal el-Mekki gives a khutbah on the importance of good manners 
at Abu Huraira Center, Toronto on October 9, 2009.

Never lose hope in Allah
by Brother Belal Assad

Follow the way of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
in submission to Allah
Prophet Muhammad's Last Sermon

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