May 15, 2011

Open Your Eyes a nasyid / nasheed by Maher Zain - english malay subtitles

The truth must be from the saying of Allah in Quran, The Truth must be from the saying of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w from hadith we read. The good explanation of course from our teacher or ustaz or sheikh but the truth still have to refer to the Quran and hadith, not only because our teacher said it's true.

We have to show our respect to our teacher but should not beyond the truth. Sometimes we have heard a fatwa or explanation about something new to us from our sheikh or guru or teacher, we should have our own ability to look into the truth inside the speech or fatwa delivered. The fatwa must not against the Quran and hadith. Don't just because the speaker is our guru or sheikh, we just accept blindly.

We have to open our heart and our eyes. Don't always said my sheikh said, my guru said so until we forget the real saying or the truth as said in Quran and hadith.

-just my thinking.

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Thanks for coming
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