Jun 6, 2011

Dua for Protection

Supplications for Morning and Evening
Part of Volume 4, Page 115

Abu Darda reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, "If anyone says daily in the morning and in the evening, 'Allah suffices me, there is no god but He, in Him is my trust, and he is the Lord of the Throne, Supreme,' seven times, Allah will suffice him for all the concerns of the life of this world and of the Hereafter."

It is reported that Talq b. Habib said, "A man came to Abu Darda and said to him, 'O Abu Darda, your house has burned.' He said: 'No, it cannot be burned. Allah will never allow this to happen because of the words that I heard from the Prophet, peace be upon him. Whoever says these words in the beginning of a day, the Prophet, peace be upon him, told us, will not be afflicted by a misfortune until the end of the day, and whoever says these words in the evening will not be afflicted until morning. These words are, "O Allah, You are my Lord, there is no god but You, I put my trust in You, You are the Lord of the Mighty Throne. Whatever Allah wills will happen and what He does not will, cannot happen. There is no power or strength except with Allah, the Exalted, the Mighty. I know that Allah has power over all things, and Allah comprehends all things in knowledge. O Allah, I seek refuge with You from the evil of myself and from the evil of all creatures under Your control. Surely the straight way is my Sustainer's way"."'

In some versions of this hadith we further find that he said, "Come, let us go. So he went with them to his house. They found all the area surrounding the house burned but his house was not damaged." 

-Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 4: Supplications-

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