Jul 30, 2011

Towards Halal Softwares

Alah bisa tegal biasa, that the malay proverb. In my writing context, what I am trying to say, even it is a wrong act but if we saw it regularly done by many peoples around us, we might think that the act is prohibited. Sometimes, we are no more aware about the hukum whether it is prohibited in Islam or not.

Not trying to make the hukum
just a point to ponder

Is it halal for muslim to use software without license if the software is not a freeware.

There are many ways to use software without buying the license. As many of us already knew that, just download the relevent software as downloader ie : utorrent , we can find hundreds of softwares came together with license at isohunt, mininova, the pirate bay and also can be direct downloaded from some others websites.

Some said, nothing wrong for us to share the license. The uploader has bought the software with license and he or she willing to share what he/she already bought with others. It is something good, is it ? The uploader just upload the software to the sharing website together with the license for others to download.

I am not sure if we can accept or not the reasonable reason, may be we can refer to some one who authorised on talking about the hukum. Some of the posting related to this subject can be found here

Anyway how about using a crack software. Some of the softwares have been cracked so that we can use them without worry being detacted by the owner. Some software like antivirus have 15 days free trial and someone too have ability to make it free trial forever. What is the hukum for muslim to use such softwares ?

If we affors to buy, off course better to have the license softwares on our own. Another good alternative and to me free from confusing about the hukum ( some write as hukm), we can use the freewares (free softwares) and the are good too. Some of them better than the licensed one.

We can search on website and sometimes need to try an error on the way to find the good one. The important thing the software must be safe and not making any damage to our computer system. May be we can share our experience with friends on the good and safety of certain softwares.

Point to ponder
On the way to dakwah for Islam
we use cracked software 
licensed software without the license
to make
a video clip on Quran reciting
other materials ie editing photo of Quran.
What is the hukum in Islam ?
Time for us to think, I think :)

I just put links for some of the free use softwares that I have used and found so far safe to my pc. Any comments or sharing are welcome.

Oh just remember, I think the first step from all of the above, we have to ensure that our pc or laptop using the genuiene Window application. Some times we are looking for the cheaper pc and it actually was being installed by using the pirate window installer. Asked for the window installer if they said the one we are going to purchase is genuiene.

Towards Halal Softwares for peace in mind and free from confusing about the hukum.

- just my 2 sen view
   very sorry, my english just fair :)

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Thanks for coming
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