Oct 29, 2011

tHe sOul oF a bEliever bY mUhammad aBdul jAbbar


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on 24 Jul 2011

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Some of the Comments @ Youtube
  • Seriously from every aspect your work is just amazing who ever made this video.. all i can give you is a nice dua. :) thanks
  • May Allah grant Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Janatul Firdous, I swear his lectures have inspired me, MashAllah and may ALLAH show us all to the straight path the path of those who he has favoured not the path of those who earn his anger nor of those who go astray. AMEEN
  • mashallah this lecture made me cry and think twice about everything i have done and will do :(
  • SubhanALLAH love the part when they say I guess thats the end of them ( believers) but no it's just the beginning for us. may ALLAH guide us all. AMEEN
  • Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar this speech is very deep indeed for it rocks your heart and makes you cry you want to become maybe most pious SubhanAllah may his dawah reach out to the Muslim Ummah and Allah blessed him and grant him for his goodness
  • U have truly inspired me, r there any other speeches u have made, if so, please can someone wat they are called
  • His voice shakes my heart. His speeches just makes you want to run to perform good acts and collect lots of deeds. May Allah the All Mighty raise you in ranks Abdul Jabbar and May He the Graceful make your deeds heavy in weight, Ameen!
  • Wow...SubhanAllah a heart-grasping speach! It gives you a reality check and shows how temporary this dunya is. May Allah forgive the muslim ummah and reward this brother jannah! Ameen :)
  • thank you very much jazakaallah kayran akhi
    may allah thank you for making this blessed video

Thanks for coming

Thanks for coming
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