Nov 6, 2011

Song of Solomon 5:16 - Translation is not Scripture

This Hebrew word

the last prophet
  of all the prophets
and messenger of Allah

Name of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 
in the bible & Song of Solomon 5:16 can Prove it

 You can find the details here

If this words does not meaning as Muhammad, what is the real meaning of the words in one or two words in English translation. Actually for me, it is hard to accept this one word have to translated as he is altogether lovely (3 words) because the word to me based on the structure of the song, is a noun instead of adjective. Actually, as a noun should not be any translation for מַחֲמַדִּ . Only can be rewrite based on the sound spoken as Muhammadin. ( yea Muhammad). I have tried to translate the word to Malay and Bahasa Indonesia by using some other online translation and I think the translation were not right and should not be like that.

I think only Jews Rabbi who expert in language have the true skill of understanding on this bible words ( hopefully he will speak the truth ) because the bible it self was an English translation instead of written in the Prophet Jesus (Eesa a.s) mother toque (some said Hebrew some said native Aramaic ) but for sure not American English or UK English.
Even the word Jesus it self too not the real name as mentioned in Bible written in hebrew. And we don't know whether Jesus like himself called as Jesus or not because his real name was not Jesus.

my reference before wrote this short posting

When we hold Quran, we are holding a scripture that the Prophet Muhammad used to use the language but if we hold Bible, actually we hold a translation or collection of scriptures, which was not the originally written in the mother toque of Jesus.

The word מַחֲמַדִּ was translated from Hebrew bible to English Bible as "he is altogether lovely" then translated to other language. Of course the end readers read the phrase in their language after twice translated.

That why maybe in some asean country Jesus is called as Yesus. Not as real spoken in hebrew bible.

Yesus - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Yesus (c. 6 SM-4 SM — 29-33) atau Yesus dari Nazaret adalah seorang tukang kayu, pengkhotbah, guru, rabi, penyembuh, pembuat mukjizat, dan tokoh ...

When we read a poem which was tranlated from the actual language it was writen, we will feel is this the writer actually trying to say.. Then we refer to someone who expert in the actual language the poem was written, I see ... now I undertstand the real meaning of the poem.

In Islam too, have certain words which can not be translated in any other language ie: the word Taqwa.

To understand what is the meaning of Taqwa, we must have a teacher or guru to really understand the meaning. He need to describe and may be after giving example by example then only we can understand the true meening of Taqwa.

So the chances missunderstanding of bible true saying is there (may be, only God knows better)

I write this just to arise a truth. Truth about a man that we muslim love too. The man that Christian follower  believe as a God or Son of God while Islam follower believe and must believe he is a messenger of God and always called him as Prophet Eesa a.s instead of Jesus or Yesus.

Like to mention here

- all the writing above based on my understanding through my reading only
- This posting is to response to some comments which was related to my earlier posting on youtube.

I ended this posting by saying the wrong was my lack and the right must be from God (Allah)

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