Dec 5, 2011

Colorful Killer - Boy Why You haven't Learnt Anything ?

Drug nowadays among the most life killer to human life and human future. Drug ruin millions of teenagers future. Drug have damaged all good attitude and ability to think of these teenagers. Drug has made some of them away from God. Some ended their life with unspoken situation.

For an Islam follower, the ending is very important as we always pray to die in faith.
Able to say لا اله إلا الله

Furthermore, some of drug addicts have lost their respect to their own parents caused by the drug they have taken.

Junge ! Boy ! by Die Ärzte

Drugs were produced in colorful and varies in pattern. The colorful of the drug and the pattern,  psychologically hiding the dangerous they might cause.

What ever the colors, beware kids and teenagers, drug still a killer of your life. What ever the name, marijuana, heroin, morfin or ectasy, the features still the same, they are the destroyer of your life, your future. There are always no turn back once you involve in taking drug. Even some managed to get away from the bad habit but it was not an easy way.

Please don't take drug if you really love your life and your family. Most important, don't you appreciate the life given by God. Always say no to drug even they are looking so cute...

Sure you do not want to ended your life at a place like this.

Sure you do not want to be part of them

257 drug addicts arrested

Kuala Lumpur : A total of 257 drug addicts were arrested in an anti-drug operation dubbed Ops Tapis conducted by the Kuala Lumpur Narcotic Crimes Investigation Department (NCID) from Jan 25 to 31.

For the teenagers ( Islam follower ), sure we want to end our life in bless of Allah. Drug will take away our ibadah and taking the drug it self is haram / prohibited in Islam. We have to understand the purpose of our creation. We have always to remember, the happening and happiness of life after we die begins here.

I think we all knows, some of the drug sellers have not taking the drug because they were knew what were the ingredients in the drug and they knew the effect, they just want teenager's pocket money given by their parents to cheer up their life and live their life in colorful, no matter what will happen to others.

Again, sorry for my fair english, but still have to write this because we all love you and you (teenagers) are the future of this ummah. Do not vain the prayer of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w for his ummah ( we are the ummah/ follower of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w )

- sincere message from hati curio to teenagers out there.

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Thanks for coming
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