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Prophet Muhammad's Bowl delivered to Chechnya

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22 September 2011, 16:29

Prophet Muhammad's bowl delivered to Grozny for eternal storage Grozny, September 22, Interfax - A bowl said to have once been used by the Prophet Muhammad has been delivered to the Chechen capital of Grozny from Britain.

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen government members, and representatives of the Chechen Muslim Authority were meeting the relic at the Grozny airport. A live chain of students, school children, and clerics was formed from the airport to the Chechnya's Hearth Mosque.

After the bowl was delivered to the mosque, a collective prayer was conducted there.

The bowl once used by the Prophet Muhammad was passed to his cousin, Ali ibn Abu Talib, the fourth caliph, and their descendants later transported it to England, where the bowl has been stored until recently, the press service of the Chechen head told Interfax.

"Many expressed keen interest in the bowl, but the descendants decided that Ramzan Kadyrov deserves to keep it, and so it has been passed to him for storage," it said. 
Prophet Muhammad's [pbuh] relics arrived in Chechnya
By Ibrahim Abdulaev : / Grozny / 22 Sept 2011

(IslamDag) - Thousands of believers gathered today since early morning near the Ahmad Haji Kadirov central mosque awaiting the arrival of a sacred relic - bowl of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. Live corridor of Grozny residents was formed from the airport till the "Heart of Chechnya" Islamic Complex.

At Grozny airport the relic was received by Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov who delivered the relic to the mosque in the car with open top. On all route of the car with the bowl enthusiastic exclamations and greetings of residents were heard. Many people cried at the sight of the relic.

After arriving at the Islamic Complex Ramzan Kadyrov carried the bowl into the mosque with Khozh Ahmad Kadyrov, Chairman of the Chechen Ulama Council.

"Today is a great day for our Republic," Kadyrov said addressing the crowd. "We have received the bowl of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]."

From London to Grozny the bawl was accompanied by UK Muslims. According to official statement from Chechen government the relic is more than 1400 years old and it has centuries-old history and all the necessary official papers and acknowledgements of its authenticity.

"We have worked hard, that the bowl of the Noble Prophet (pbuh) has appeared in our Republic. Besides it we have also received two carpets which covered the tomb of the Prophet for long time. Now these three relics will be kept in our Republic for eternity," Kadyrov said.

After the death of the Prophet (pbuh) the bowl was kept by fourth Caliph Ali bin Abu Talib, Prophet's cousin. After Ali it was kept by the daughter of Prophet [pbuh] Fatimah and her sons Hasan and Hussein. Further the bowl was transferred by descendants of the Prophet (pbuh) from hand to hand.

"Centuries later radical Islamists - adherents to Wahhabism - began to pursue descendants of the Prophet (pbuh) and compelled them to leave Mecca and Medina. As a result this relic has appeared in Great Britain where it was kept till today. Now these invaluable relics, as agreed and at the will of Prophet's descendants, found their new native land," Kadyrov said. "They belong to all Muslims of the world," he added.

Regarding the holy bowl Ibn Kathir, the Islamic scholar and commentator on the Qur'an, writes in his book "Wives of the Prophet Muhammad":

It had been related by Abu Hurairah that on one occasion, when Khadijah was still alive, Jibril came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and said, "O Messenger of Allah, Khadijah is just coming with a bowl of soup (or food or drink) for you. When she comes to you, give her greetings of peace from her Lord and from me, and give her the good news of a palace of jewels in the Garden, where there will be neither any noise nor any tiredness."

Every year on Prophet's birthdays the bowl is expected to be open to public and everyone will be able to drink water from it.

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