Dec 18, 2011

The Temple of sOlOmOn - The StOry Behind The Scenes

There is no such thing called as temple of solomon.
Prophet Sulaiman عليه السلام
established ibadah or prayer in Mosque instead of temple.
In Islam, it always called Masjid or Mosque.
The temple of solomon only a myth and muslim must avoid to believe in such astray idea.


Why they are digging under Al-Aqsa

Part 02  Part 03  Part 04

 Uploaded by on 27 Aug 2007

This short series of videos, based on an extract of audio by Anwar al-Awlaki, touches upon the history of Masjid Al-Aqsa, Prophet Sulayman (AS), black magic, the Jews of that time, Babylon, Free Masons and the Jinn. It certainly is enlightening and educational. Sulayman (AS) buried something under masjid Al-Aqsa and there are people who want to get there hands on it... watch and listen to find out more. 


Free Masons War Against Islam
الماسونية وحربهم ضد الاسلام

Uploaded by on 18 May 2009

It covers a variety of topics:

* The reasons behind the gulf war/saddam.
* Who are the Free Masons and them aim
* history of the freemasons/were originally christian heretics after the capture of jerusalem/Al Aqsa.
* how they came to control England/France and then the US.
* The dajjal (Antichrist).
* Their involvement in the entertainments industry
* how they plan to assume control using Id cards
* they're link with thie roschilds new world order
* only hope against them is Islam
* the atrocities they have already committed using the UN


FreeMasons New World Order

Uploaded by on 27 Apr 2008

I don't agree with everything about this video, including the parts regarding accepting Jesus as our saviour, but this video does make valid points - OJSMOKE


والله عالم
wallahu a’lam
Allah Knows best

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Story of Prophet Sulaiman a.s سليمان عليه السلام Sulayman Solomon


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