Mar 5, 2012

Announcement regarding the name of Prophet Isa written as Jesus a.s on Islam Browser

Announcement regarding the name of Prophet Isa a.s 
written as Jesus a.s  on Islam Browser

I am thinking it is not an appropiate way for muslim to say "Jesus a.s. ". Muslim whether from east or west have to use the name of Prophet as mentioned in Quran or Hadis in their daily life. His real name was given by God as Isa, sometimes spelt as Eesa ( in Quran spelt as عيسى  ) but surely not Jesus.
At the beginning, I have used to mention the name Jesus just to show that the Jesus and Prophet Isa a.s ( عيسى  ) actually was the same individu or person. 

By using the name Jesus I thought easy for non-muslim to understand that the Jesus who mentioned in bible actually the Prophet عيسى Eesa or Isa as mentioned in Quran. Just to mention without agreeing the name Jesus as one of the actual name of Prophet Isa a.s.

As the fact, the name Jesus was not accepted as the real name of Prophet Isa a.s in Islam means the name Jesus was not being named by Allah ( The one and only God who created Prophet Isa ). Even in the bible writen in Hebrew also no name of Jesus was mentioned. The name of Jesus only appear in the English bible which was translated from the hebrew bible. This is what I understood through my reading.

Actually a worry about this appeared when I came across someone say " There is no God but Allah and Jesus is the messenger".  I was worried if by saying such way (replace the name "Isa" by the word Jesus ) in our ibadah will make us like accepting the name Jesus as another name of Prophet Isa/Eesa. 

Furthermore, my worry continue to the extend if this can make us fall into the hukum or rule of syirik/ shirk. This is only my own worry in case mentioning the name Jesus in such way can be considered as " accepting ". Actually, not yet found any hukum/hukm or fatwa on this and even some scholars also used to say Jesus a.s in their speech.  

Since this thought has already appeared in my mind, I would like to request anyone who copy material from this blog to change the style of writing of the name Jesus a.s to others ie: Isa a.s (Jesus as mentioned in bible) or any other way that suitable. This also goes to the name of other Prophets. 

Thank you.


Al Quran
 سورة البقرة

Al Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) 
Ayat 87

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

ولقد آتينا موسى الكتاب وقفينا من بعده بالرسل وآتينا عيسى ابن مريم البينات وأيدناه بروح القدس أفكلما جاءكم رسول بما لا تهوى أنفسكم استكبرتم ففريقا كذبتم وفريقا تقتلون
And indeed, We gave Musa (Moses) the Book and followed him up with a succession of Messengers. And We gave 'Iesa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), clear signs and supported him with Ruh-ul-Qudus [Jibrael (Gabriel) ]. Is it that whenever there came to you a Messenger with what you yourselves desired not, you grew arrogant? Some, you disbelieved and some, you killed.

Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah memberikan kepada Nabi Musa Kitab Taurat, dan Kami iringi kemudian daripadanya dengan beberapa orang Rasul, dan Kami berikan kepada Nabi Isa Ibni Maryam beberapa mukjizat serta Kami teguhkan kebenarannya dengan Ruhul-Qudus (Jibril). Maka patutkah, tiap-tiap kali datang kepada kamu seorang Rasul membawa sesuatu (kebenaran) yang tidak disukai oleh hawa nafsu kamu, kamu (dengan) sombong takbur (menolaknya), sehingga sebahagian dari Rasul-rasul itu kamu dustakan, dan sebahagian yang lain pula kamu membunuhnya ?

Blogger Bro Pep said...
Thanks Mr Paul for your comment and info. Much appreciated. Actually my understanding about the name of Jesus just based on my reading. If you don't mind for me to share the link..
March 12, 2012 1:44 AM

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