May 16, 2012

Islam Browser sharing the Easy Way to Speed Up - Cara Mudah Melajukan Celcom Broadband

Ingin berkongsi cara mudah melajukan Celcom Broadband yang kebetulan saya terjumpa 
sewaktu mencari free software untuk setting HSDPA disebabkan line celcom yang terlalu lembam di waktu itu.

Wish to share the easy way to speed up the Celcom Broadband which was found when I was trying to find if there is a freeware to set up my HSDPA  , please refer to the above link which written in Melayu language.


More less the translation some part of the page 

Video Tutorial:
1. Download file ini.
2. After download the above file. Let's extract by using winrar.
3. Right Click on the file “lajukancelcombb.bat
4. Select edit.
5. Change “″ to your actual IP.
6. To know your exact IP, Just click start > run … type cmd > enter … will appear command prompt … type ipconfig/all or ipconfig
7. Please refer to the below picture to know your IP. ( look at IPv4 Address)
    - my note : I can't find the IPv4 Address, I just select the IP no which on the cmd box
8. Just double click on the fail “lajukancelcombb.bat” to start
    - my note: after replace and save
9. If appear the display as below, means you already success to speed up your celcom broadband.
10.You can also use this technique to Speed up ​​streamyx as well.
11. To experience more speed on Internet, just run the file "lajukancelcombb.bat" as much as possible.
12. Keep in mind, you have to repeat the steps above (Ping Of Death) is if your broadband line has been disconnect. This is because the Celcom Broadband IP is constantly changing.
13. There is no guarantee that the above steps (Ping Of Death) can speed up your Celcom Broadband in 100%. The question of speed depends on the strength of 3G and HSDPA network in the area and where you live.
14. For your information, the steps above (Ping Of Death) is more effective if implemented on streamyx as used to be a fixed line and the network more stable and faster than mobile broadband like Celcom Broadband.
15. If you have any problems please contact me.
16. That's all and have a good try


After done all the steps as above, I have tried to watch a video clip direct from Islam Browser and did a recording on it.

Video klip di bawah dirakam selepas mengunakannya.
The below video clip recorded after the software was installed as per the above steps

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Thanks for coming
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