Oct 25, 2012

Hadith حديث Hadis - Arabic Text and Translation

Actually Islam Browser prefer a Hadis in Arabic text with Translation. After a hard searching, InsyaAllah found some of the links and now wish to share with u.
( insyaAllah will update if find more )

An-Nawawi's Forty Hadiths
with English translation and explainations

PLAY Hadith 1     Actions are judged by intentions
PLAY Hadith 2     What are Islam, Believe and Qyamat

This site provides the most complete and accurate hadith text (matn), translation (English and other languages) and interactive chain of narrators (isnad), where each narrator is linked to Muslim Scholars Database. This is an on-ongoing project. Please visit more often to see new and updated information.
It include all major collections of ahadeeth (in progress).
Arabic text and English translation are sourced from sunnah.com website.
Information can be searched in many different ways (including keywords, Arabic text, Narrator name, etc.).
Search options include:Smart search box on top, Advanced search form and search by compilation or narrator.
Narrators are linked to Muslim Scholar Database for detailed biography.
Instant snapshot of Narrator's brief bio for each hadith.
Detailed hadith referencing.
Translation can be viewed in several languages using Google translate toolbox.
Interactive Narrators' timeline for each hadith.
Detailed Statistics based on ahadeeth narrated by a certain narrator.
Color-coded narrator names based on generation (tabqa) [More..]. 
Multi languages

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Thanks for coming
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