Oct 3, 2012

Jewish Researcher Lesley Hazleton view on Quran and Islam

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World renowned speaker Lesley Hazleton speaking at the Young Muslim Association's annual Birth of the Holy Prophet [s] Celebration. She covers a range of topics focusing around Islam and Muslims in this age, including history and beliefs, media perceptions, to radicalization, and even insight into human nature
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She gave her view from her point of view
after making her research on Quran
What about us, muslimin and muslimat ?
Are we near to Quran ?
How deep our interest in understand the meaning of every ayat in Quran

The words in Quran are came from Allah.
Every ayat/sentence and letters in Quran created by Allah, not human

Do we really understand the message conveyed through the story 
told in Quran about Nabi Ibrahim & Ismail a.s
Do we love to listen and understand what God  had said
Do we love to look at every letter inside the Quran ...

The answers may be an indicator for us to realize how much 
our love and interest to God's word
The one and only God 
who had created us ...

Thanks for coming

Thanks for coming
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