Oct 18, 2012

Knowing Allah معْرفَة الله Ma'rifatullah Mengenal Allah - Part 02

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Knowing Allah معْرفَة الله Ma'rifatullah Mengenal Allah 
Part 01 


Desire For Ma'rifatullah and Act
by Sheikh 'Umar Vadillo

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Shaykh Umar Ibrahim Vadillo was born in 1964. After attending the Augustinian College in Naverre he went on to study agronomy at the University of Madrid. While still at university he embraced Islam. There followed a long period of study applying the commercial parameters defined in Islam's founding legal document, Imam Malik's Al-Muwatta, to modern financial practice. 

This led to his studies on Zakat, which implied the necessary use of the Islamic Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham. He has lectured extensively in various universities, notably in Morocco, Malaysia and Indonesia.

His promotion of an Islamic real-wealth currency was adopted by Dr Erbakan, Turkish Prime Minister until deposed, as well as the late King Hassan II of Morocco who undertook to restore Zakat to its correct legal position, just before his death.

Syakh Umar Ibrahim Vadillo's study of Dinar-based finance was used as a working paper by Dr. Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia. He is currently engaged in promoting the issue in Indonesia. He resides in Malaysia.


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Syeikh Ibrahim Haji Mohammad

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In looking for knowledge of
Knowing Allah معْرفَة الله Ma'rifatullah 
Mengenal Allah
we have to be more carefull
Find a true Guru or Teacher

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Buku Mengenal Diri yang diharamkan oleh
Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia ( JAKIM )

Book of Self Knowing which was banned by
Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)


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