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Testimony of Faith

''There is no god only Allah, Muhammad is the Rasool (Messenger) of Allah''

This declaration of faith is called the 'Shahadah', a simple formula that all the faithful pronounce. The significance of this declaration is the belief that the only purpose of life is to serve and obey Allah, and this is achieved through the teachings and practices of the Beloved Prophet, Sayyadina Muhammad Mustafa (Salla Allahu ta'ala alayhi wa Sallam)


The Meaning of : LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH


The Six Kalima

(Kitaab as-Salaat)

by Allama Sayyad Shah Turab ul Haq Qadiri

English Translation by Muhammad Aqib Farid Qadiri


Chapter 1
What is Prayer?
The Importance of Salaat
The sin of letting prayers lapse
The Blessings of Salaat
The Congregation Salaat - Jama'at
The Importance of Reverence and Humility
Prayer makes one Pious
Being certain the Prayer has been accepted
The Prayer of the Pious

Chapter 2
Cleanliness (Taharat)
The water to be used

Ablution (Wudu)
The Obligations in Ablution
The Sunnah in Wudu
Method of performing Ablution
Things that break (Nullify) Wudu
The Excellence of Miswaak

Bathing (Ghusl)
The 3 obligations on Ghusl
Bathing according to Sunnah
Things that make Ghusl compulsory

Tayammum (Purification with soil)
The time for Tayammum (When can one do Tayammum ?)
Method and some important rules regarding Tayammum
Purifying impure clothes

Chapter 3
The call of Prayer (Adhaan)
The Rakaats in Prayer
The conditions of Prayer (Sharaaet)
Times when prayer is prohibited

Chapter 4

Offering Prayer :
Offering prayer according to Sunnah
The Obligatory (Fard) Acts in Prayer
The Essentials (Waajibaat) of Prayer

Sajdah Sahav

The Sunnah Acts of Prayer

Women's Mode of Prayer

What invalidates or breaks the prayer ?
Makrooh (Disliked/Undesirable) acts during Prayer
Rules regarding crossing someone involved Prayer
Etiquettes of the Mosque
Conditions for leadership in Prayer (Who can be an Imam?)

Congregation/Jama'at :
The importance of Prayer in congregation
Rules of congregational Prayer
Rules regarding the Masbook (The late joiner)

The Witr Prayer & Qunoot supplication

Other types of Prayer:
The Friday Prayer - Jum'ah
The Prayer of the two EIDS
Offering Eid Salaat

The Funeral Prayer
Method of Funeral Prayer

Taraweeh Prayers (In Ramadan)

Chapter 5
The Lapsed (Qada) Prayers
The Prayers of the sick
The Prayers on a Journey

Chapter 6

Additional Prayers :
The Voluntary (Nawafil) Prayers
Nafil- Laylat al Qadr
Tahiyyat ul-Wudu (Mark of respect after performing ablution)
Tahiyyat ul-Masjid (Salaat offered on entering the Mosque)
The Tahajjud Prayers
The Ishraaq Prayer
The Chaasht Prayer
The Awwaabeen Prayer
The Journey Prayer
The Prayer of Repentance
The “Tasbeeh” Prayer
The Need Prayer (Salaat ul-Haajat)
The Istikharah Prayer (for knowing what is suitable)

Chapter 7
Recitation of the Qur'an
The Prostration for Quran recitation

Chapter 8
The Night Vigil

(Not Sure About the Mazhab but I think Imam Abu Hanifah)

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