Oct 31, 2012

Song of Solomon 5:16 - מחמד Translated as Muhammad was an Error - Articles to Download

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from the Song of Solomon

If Mahammad מַחְמַד was a random word, without a meaning, then why it was translated to altogether lovely" or "wholly desirable" ? Hence Mahammad מַחְמַד was translated wrongly and has an incorrect meaning.

If you watch this video Song of Solomon 5:16 read in Hebrew:


then you will hear a Hebrew Rabbi reading this word as Mahammad-im.

According to Strong's Concordance
Original Word: מַחְמַד
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine

Then why the noun masculine מַחְמַד was translated wrongly as an adjective ("altogether lovely" and "wholly desirable") ?.

According to NAS Exhaustive Concordance that the word origin of this Hebrew word מַחְמַד is from "chamad". http://concordances.org/hebrew/4261.htm

According to Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon. This word "chamad" is verb desire, take pleasure; Arabic is حَمِدَ

In Arabic language the word حَمِدَ is verb praise, and it is the prime root of the Arabic word مُحَمَّ د which is read as Muhammad.

If you copy this Hebrew word מחמד and paste in the translation web sites: http://www.freetranslation.com, and http://www.worldlingo.com then you will find that the word מחמד is translated to Muhammad.

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