Nov 24, 2012

Sifat 20 صفة Twenty Attributes of Allah - Judgments of the Mind - Hukum Akal

Hukum Akal - Judgments of the Mind

There are three different logical judgments of the sound intellect

Studying the knowledge of Tawheed and Aqeedah is one of the most honorable knowledges of Islam that we are ordered and encouraged to study. There are three different logical judgments of the sound intellect: What is necessarily existent, What is logically impossible to exist and what is logically possible to exist. In Arabic, we refer to those three categories by Wujub, Istihala and Jawaz.

Understanding and mastering those logical judgments of the sound intellect enables us to explain Islam logically and call people to Islam by the will and blessings of Allah Ta'ala.

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Judgments of the Mind

The judgments of the mind are three kinds:

1. The Intellectual Necessity: This refers to what the mind does not conceive as non-existing. Allah is the One Whose Existence is intellectually necessary, because the mind does not accept His non-existence, i.e., non-existence does not apply to the Self of Allah. Also, the attributes of Allah are intellectually necessary.
2. The Intellectual Impossibility: This refers to what the mind does not conceive as existing, i.e., that to which existence does not apply. The existence of a partner with Allah is an intellectual impossibility, because such a thing cannot exist as a reality, i.e., the mind does not conceive its existence.
3. The Intellectual Possibility: This refers to what the mind conceives existing at one time and non-existing at another time. This universe and its contents- among what we can and cannot see- is an intellectual possibility. It is so because the mind conceives its existence after a state of non-existence. This is the state of the entire universe. For example, Allah made the human being exist after having been non-existent, and then this human being shall be annihilated (2). This is why the human being's existence is among the intellectual possibilities. 

The Melayu Version of  the Judgments of the Mind
Bahagian Hukum 'Aqal :

Adalah hukum 'aqal itu terbahagi kepada tiga :

1) Wajib 'Aqli iaitu perkara yang tiada diterima 'aqal akan tiadanya, hakikatnya mesti menerima ada.Yang demikian wajib bagi Allah s.w.t. bersifat qidam maka maksudnya ialah mesti ada Allah s.w.t bersifat qidam.

2) Mustahil 'Aqli iaitu perkara yang tidak diterima 'aqal akan adanya , hakikatnya mesti tiada . Yang demikian mustahil Allah s.w.t. bersifat baharu maka maksudnya tidak sekali-kali Allah s.w.t. itu bersifat baharu.

3) Harus 'Aqli iaitu perkara yang diterima 'aqal adanya dan tiadanya, maka hakikatnya boleh menerima ada dan tiada seperti keadaan seseorang itu adakalanya boleh bergerak atau diam.


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