Jan 23, 2013

Bible - The Errors, Contradictions and Fallacies - C. Dennis McKinsey

Biblical Errors, Contradictions and Fallacies
C. Dennis McKinsey

Claud Dennis McKinsey (born March 5, 1940 died June 23, 2009 in Ohio)[1] was an AmericanAtheist and author of works on the subject of Biblical inerrancy from a critical perspective, most notably The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy (1995) and Biblical Errancy: A Reference Guide (2000). He also had a monthly periodical known as Biblical Errancy from 1982 to 1999.[2]

McKinsey obtained a bachelor's degree in philosophy in 1962 and a master's degree in the social sciences in 1964 from the University of Indiana. He taught social studies full time at the secondary level for 10 years. He was a community college instructor in sociology and a secondary guidance counselor for the London City School District. For brief periods he was a civil rights investigator, a truant officer, and a government researcher.

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