Jan 5, 2013

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Your Guide to Halal Eating
 The zabihah.com story

Even though I was born and raised in America, I love food from around the Muslim world. Curries from Pakistan, tajines from Morocco, Islamic Chinese – there are so many delicious options for those of us who want to eat primarily zabihah (conforming to Islamic dietary codes) food. But it's hard to find those few restaurants that serve zabihah food, so we miss out on great dining experiences. That's why my friends and I started zabihah.com – we want to share the news about the places where we love to eat.

The thousands of reviews on zabihah.com are honest evaluations by people like you. And just because a restaurant serves halal food doesn't necessarily mean its good. We feel that by holding Muslim restaurants to the highest standards, we can improve the dining experience of all Muslims. And if you don't agree with an evaluation, just let us know and we'll add your comments to our site.

Since 1998, zabihah.com has grown from a regional guide to halal food in California's Silicon Valley to the world's largest guide to halal restaurants and products, and is an established leader in the global Halal revolution. 

What we offer

With over 10,000 reviewed restaurants and markets worldwide, zabihah.com has helped promote the expansion of the halal restaurant industry in the West and is credited by many restaurants for making the provision of halal meals economically viable.

Currently, up to 20% of zabihah.com's 10 million annual users access restaurant listings and reviews through mobile devices such as the iPhone, which alone has had 100,000 application downloads since its launch.

Over a decade of precise market data from our global user base has provided zabihah.com with unprecedented consumer demographic information and marketing opportunities that will benefit the worldwide Halal industry as it continues to develop.

- Shahed Amanullah, Founder, zabihah.com

The zabihah.com team

Shahed Amanullah - Founder
Atif Qureshi - Program Manager
Mahmood Ali - System Architect
Abrar Hussain, Esq. - Legal Counsel

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