Feb 21, 2013

PAS - Teguran oleh Sheikh Imran Hosein


Teguran oleh 
Sheikh Imran Hosein 


Ulama antarabangsa terkenal, Pakar Akhir Zaman Islam,
Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein menegur PAS
kerana silap mempergunakan Islam
untuk main politik dalam sistem demokrasi.


Islamic Parties: is This The Sunnah, You Walk The Road To Shirk To Bring Islam
Lecture By World Renowned Islamic Scholar Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein.

This part is taken from the lecture Islam, United Nations & The New World Order
Held on 11 Muharram 1433 (7 December 2011) At the Universiti Tenga Nasional, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Part of Sheikh Imran Hosein's Extended Malaysia Lecture Tour.

"When you vote in the elections of the modern secular state; I'm not stopping you from voting.

And you have the freedom; you have the right to reject my views. Of course, everybody can reject my view. Nobody has to except it. But this is my view; and I should have the freedom to express my view.

And once I have the freedom, Alhamdulillah; you can choose to reject it.

When you vote in the elections you are now endorsing the Shirk. And therefore participating in the Shirk."
Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein
Malaysia, 19 July 2011

Imran Nazar Hosein is a leading International Islamic Philosopher, Scholar and author, specialising in world politics, economy, eschatology , modern socio-economic/political issues and expert on international affairs. He is best- selling author of Jerusalem in the Qur'an. Imran Nazar Hosein was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1942 to parents whose ancestors had migrated from India as indentured labourers. He studied Islam, Philosophy and International Relations at several universities and institutions of higher learning. Among them are al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, the Institute of International Relations of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, the University of Karachi in Pakistan, the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies in Karachi, Pakistan, and the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

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