Jun 22, 2013

Black 505 - China DAP Rasis Lupa Diri dan Asal Usul Mereka

Black 505
China DAP Rasis
Lupa DIRI dan Asal Usul Mereka

Sahabat Seperjuangan PAS menuju ke Padang Merbok
DAP rasis moving on to Padang Merbok

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China DAP Yang Lupa Diri

Black 505
Padang Merbok
Jun 22, 2013

Lu olang manyak nasib baik woo.. 
diterima oleh orang Melayu Islam sebagai rakyat Malaysia 
dan ini Malaysia diperintah oleh orang Islam
China kalu..sudah lama kena penyek sama itu kereta kebal woo

Students died with their bicycles near Tiananmen Square
 in the early hours of June 4, 1989. (Associated Press)


At 2:00am on June 4th 1989, People's Liberation Army tanks and 300,000 soldiers moved into Tiananmen Square in Beijing to crush a large pro-democracy demonstration that had been going on for seven weeks. The tanks rolled over people that got in their way and soldiers opened fire on groups of protesters.

Hundreds of students and supporters were killed. Hospitals were filled with casualties and P.L.A. troops in some cases prevented doctors from treating wounded demonstrators. The figure 2,000 dead is often cited but nobody but the Chinese authorities know how many people really died, partly because the bodies were carried off the night of the massacre and buried in secret graves. Reporters that tried to investigate what happened have been roughed up by soldiers with cattle prods.

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Hati orang Islam tidak busuk seperti hati komunis
tapi lu olang sendiri mau ingatlah..
jangan lebih-lebih

Thanks for coming

Thanks for coming
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