Jun 26, 2013

Hikmah حكمة - An Introduction to the Principles by Hakim Archuletta


An Introduction to the Principles 
Hakim Archuletta

This lecture is part 1 of a complete series of 6 lectures 

Renowned natural healer and Muslim convert Hakim Archuletta takes you on a journey into a wonderfully refreshing perspective of natural health. Whether you are a health professional, serious student of alternative medicine, or simply seeking a more fulfilling spiritual and healthy life, this series is for you. What are some ways that our modern lifestyle has affected our health? What is the significance of hamd (praise) and shukr (thanks) in our physical health? What can we do to achieve wholeness and reconnect with ourselves, our Creator and creation? And why is this important for real health? The speaker answers these and many other questions during this three day seminar. Many fascinating topics are explored such as new approaches to trauma therapies, energy medicine and the four humors. He explains the concept of hikmah (simple truths), the principles of 'prophetic' medicine and shares anecdotes from his years as a healer. This seminar is full of eye-opening information that may change the way you look at all medicine and your health. Hakim reveals 'secrets' of healing, exposes the modern conspiracy against health and places natural healing within the context of the Islamic tradition. He also demonstrates practical exercises which can help in becoming a more whole and healthy human being.

Biography of  Mr Hakim Archuletta

Hakim Archuletta has worked within the healing arts profession for over 30 years. His interest in medicine and natural health and the study of God's Creation began as a child. His first formal studies were in the Fine Arts which he studied in the 60's in Berkeley where his expertise ranged from graphic arts to theater, cinema and ethnomusicology. He studied homeopathy and apprenticed with Dr. John Damonte in London in the early 70's. He continued these studies in Berkeley apprenticing with homeopathic doctors and working with the first Homeopathic Study group there. He continued his studies in the Middle East, England and North Africa in the mid 70's. In 1978, Hakim went to Pakistan at the invitation of Hakim Mohammad Said of the Hamdard Foundation and studied there with various Hakims (traditional Islamic doctors) supported by grants from the Bawani Trust. His main teacher was Hakim Taqiuddin Ahmad at the Nizami Dawakhana, where he also learned Pharmacy in the Unani tradition. There he earned the title of "Hakim". Returning to the Americas in 1980, he began teaching students privately and established a Family practice clinic in Santa Barbara California. He has conducted and taught study groups for homeopathy in Santa Barbara, California, Taos, Abiquiu, and Los Alamos, New Mexico for professional and lay persons. He began extensive work as counselor, consultant and Hakim/Homeopath in Abiquiu, New Mexico and by traveling nationally for over ten years. This also included workshops on communication and community consensus building including special focus on youth. He has worked with young people for many years and taught science on a high school level for six years in a very "hands on" method and worked on curriculum that is age appropriate and spiritually based in science for young people. More recently he began to focus on trauma and was trained in the methods of Dr. Peter Levine and others. Today he lectures and teaches classes and workshops nationally. He has conducted workshops and lectured at University of California Berkeley, Harvard, Wellesley, Stanford, UCLA, University of Houston and many others. He addressed and led the New Mexico State Congress in opening prayers after 9/11, writes, reads and organizes poetry readings. He has students and patients across the world.

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